Welcome to my Website!

Roger (aka SharpRabbit) Progammer/ Techinical Artist

:This website is under contruction! Here's a link to my current site: SharpRabbit.me.

Here is some photos of my work

Stalked: Tales from Missouri

Itch.io Link

This is my first Solo Project. As a solo dev , I learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses. This project also helped me start getting projects out into the world, instead of being stuck in a cycle of new ideas.

Little Forest

This project is currently a work in progress, so may change as we progress. With that said, this has been a project I've been lucky to be apart of and a wonderful challenge learning to work with a client and a team of people with sometimes conflicting ideas.

Afterlife Manor

Here is this link to play! This was interesting game to work on, as I was working on the 2d assets instead of the code, so that was a refreshing change!

At this point in time, I find it difficult to show code, I could show code snippets but that's kinda boring to everyone except other programmers. So I would like to create a place to show what the code does. Hence this website