Thoughts and updates

Change of plans


Hello World. I need to change course a bit, it seems neocities doesn't allow multi-threading for it's site. Which is fair, from what I've read it can be a security risk. However, that does mean I won't be able to submit demos onto my page using Godot, which is the main engine I want to use, which also means I won't be able to show off playable slices of games. So I decieded to change the demos section to more of a tutorial area, where I'll post about how to do or create something in Godot instead. It'll be a way to refresh my memory as well when I go for long periods of time without coding. I will also mention that any completed game or project will be hosted elsewhere and will be available to play. Until next time!

Small update!

Hello World! I hate that I havent updated this site in a while, but nows not the time for excuses, it's time for action! and for my terrible spelling. Firstly I want to make this site a little more vibrant, also i want build the site up more so it can be a professional portfolio. I still need to add the little playable tutorials i have in mind, as well as keeping everyone up to date with any projects. Maximum effort going forward! also i think i'm going to start each thought with "hello world" it feels right for a programming site, you know? Further more follow me! let me know your suggestions, give feedback, etc!

Still Working!

Hello everyone! Just a quick update for you, I'm still working on things but life has put a halt on most of my work. But with any luck, I'll be back to updating this website and my games shortly!